Monday, November 11, 2013

How Hummingbird Affects Denver SEO

A big change in Google's recent Hummingbird update is the enhancement of rankings for local pages.  Searches for Tickets, Attorneys, Hotels, were once dominated by national and international players; now its a bit more difficult for a local player to be a national player, but local guys get a big boost in local high volume searches.

Overall, I think this is a major plus which will allow local companies to reach a lot of local customers efficiently. It might hurt entrepreneurs with a budget to go after national rankings.

Friday, June 8, 2012

How to Select a SEO Service Provider: Questions to ask an SEO provider

To find the best SEO Company in Denver you may want to ask some of the following questions:

When choosing an SEO provider if you would like to gauge their out right ability ask them if they have ever ranked a page for a popular 1 keyword result.  99.9% of them out there haven't. I've ranked pages for competitive single word terms. (e.g. Tickets).  Here are some other questions:

What type of companies do you work with? It's important to ask this because if they focuse primarily on smaller companies or local companies they may not have the totality of experience to deliver world wide results that actually accomplish goals.  I've been sought out to work with web 2.0 companies with half a billion in revenues, fortune companies, PR Professionals, and dominated local results for established professional service providers.  I have experience working with inhouse and outsourced resources.  I'm often employed as a virtual CTO so I can help lead campaigns from an executive level, understanding how campaigns work with other initiatives and your company values and goals.

What types of campaigns have you run?  This is an important question because SEO is not just about acheiving top results, but also about managing negative results.  I've led initiatives that have squashed negative results, as well as running world wide campaigns and local campaigns.

Do you work with companies in other regions?  Colorado is an amazing place but most marketing spend happens on the coasts.  If a potential SEO Service Provider isn't being sought in these regions its likely that they may be good but not "the best". Most of my clients are on the coasts.

Do you have a business background? While being able to rank terms, being able to generate money is more important.  An SEO Provider with Business or Entrepreneurial background can be an incredible asset delivering extremely cost effective and persistent advertising.  I was named one of The Top 35 CEO's under 35 at 22 by Bisnow, my company a "Hot Stock Pick" by the Washingtonian, and have appeared in publications such as the New York Times. I'm also a candidate for Masters of Business Administration.

Do you have a math background?   SEO is Math.  Theres no getting around it.  Effective internet marketing demands massive data analysis.  I've taken graduate level math courses, and have completed Calculus to 500 level, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra.

Have you ever built a search engine? There's no better way to understand search then to build it.  My first big company Ninja Tickets was the first Real Time Event Ticket Search Engine, providing results from stubhub, ticketsnow, ticketnetwork, and more.  I thourghly understand the challenges and capabilities of search agents and know how to help them understand your content better.

Who will work on my campaign? Its important to know if the person who you are talking with will work on your campaign.  If not you may have a less effective intern or associate working on your campaign versus who you thought you were hiring.  I do all the planning, and work.  If you hire me you get one of the best, not an intern.   

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Google Update Shuffles Results

Google has recently tweaked their engines and have completed another recrawl.  Reports of Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs) bouncing around have been prevalent over the past two days; it seems their was an initial shuffle that affected many then some sort of dampening equation which restored some rankings which might be "well earned".

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Page Completed

Just beginning to put the finishing touches on our latest creation: Colorado Tours.  We updated the look a bit while keeping their branding consistent and helped optimized their page's lead generation ability via conversion optimization and SEO.   The is custom written CSS, which we execute in house for competitive prices.

It's been a pleasure working with Heath and his team over at the Colorado Sightseer, p 303-423-8200.

Building Websites vs SEO

It's interesting the interconnect between web developer, SEO, conversion optimizer, and PPC manager.  I've had a lot of experience in all the different fields, but have often specialized in one at a time (other than while running startups like 

I ran pure SEO campaigns for large Internet based business with well over $100MM in yearly revenues, and for a bunch of Law Firms as well as companies in between.  At the time I recommended splitting up the tasks between a pure SEO and a PPC guy, a pure conversion guy to my clients.  At their urges and slowly with my own I realized you can't split SEO, Conversion Optimization, and Web Design.  You can have an SEO researcher if you want and an SEO executor but the top SEO guy should be running web design and conversion optimization, not to say that research and help wouldn't be useful for a sufficiently sophisticated campaign.  

Now, I help my clients extract every possible visit into revenue, and increasing visits via integrated web design.  I find myself going back to making websites, and competing with web developers I once consulted for.  I feel though there are enough gains for the client to have a properly designed site with SEO and conversion in its DNA to offer such services.

We serve the Denver region with a local presence and competitive hourly rate.  We can execute almost anything you can imagine and come up with a solid plan to grow leads and revenues.   Although we do a lot of work in other localities, such as the Mid-Atlantic, we are Denver local and USA based which is important for realizing the subtleties of various markets.  Perhaps more important than location is the fact I have a strong math and marketing background, and have been developing websites longer than most, almost 15 years professionally.  This combined experience is greater than the sum of its parts and is one of the reasons why we can either build you a complete website, or help execute various facets individual, for example: Keyword Research, Local Doorways, Flash Crawler Readability, Link Development Strategy, SEM, and PPC.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Denver, CO SEO Training

There are several challenges to bringing SEO in-house as a core-capacity.  We've created a seminar to help address the most important issues.  We discuss what to look for knowledge wise, what educational backgrounds are optimal, who they should interface with and how to integrate SEO with your other marketing and business planning.  We also delve into the differences between SEO and PPC, in terms of required core competencies and goals. 

This seminar is currently being held in Denver please contact us at 1-888-857-3530 to get location and pricing information.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

SEO for Small Business

More than half of all searches made each day are for local services or products, so having a webpage that ranks highly for local searches will likely bring your business more customers.  Did you invest time and money into a site that looks good but doesn't produce referrals?  At Denver SEO we can help optimize your existing site to show up for customers that are near you and who want to buy.  
A local SEO campaign can cost as little as $500.00.  Get noticed when people search for new providers. (Hint: They aren't turning to the phonebook anymore).      
Denver SEO has the knowledge and experience to get your webpage to the top of the search engine results page for terms your potential customers are searching for.
Our Denver SEO experts want to understand your business, your customers, and help you reach them on search engine listings, map listings, and more.  We can review your website to develop a custom "Marketing Plan" quality SEO/SEM Plan for your business detailing strategic high-level vision, action items, proposed SEO buildout and terms to target, and how to do it .  The specialists at Denver SEO want to help drive more traffic to your website.  And if you wish to scale, we've got you covered too, with an excellent track record of ranking excellent sites for nationally and globally competitive terms.
We understand that more website visitors doesn’t necessarily mean more business, but more focused and qualified traffic landing on a page optimized for conversions does mean more business.